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Anglais – Christmas – Cahier de vacances gratuit : 6eme Primaire, 1ere Secondaire – PDF à imprimer

: 6eme Primaire 1ere Secondaire : 6eme Primaire 1ere Secondaire – Cahier de vacances gratuit en anglais pour les vacances de Noël.

Christmas vocabulary


A gift

A greeting

A candle

Let’s play

Remember the words you learned.

Find the words below.

Match the word to its picture.

Find and colour…

  • Three Christmas tree in green.
  • Four lights in yellow.
  • One Santa Claus in red.
  • Five baubles in purple.
  • Two stars in blue.

Christmas also written Xmas and called Crimbo in British English, is celebrated all around the world. Its traditional colors are green and red.

It’s in the winter season for most countries, but not in the southern hemisphere like in Australia where it’s the summer season!

Christmas day is on December 25th. . So, December 24th is Christmas Eve. In the United Kingdom it is followed by boxing day, on December 26th.

Boxing Day is also a holiday when people give to the poor and go shopping because it’s the beginning of the sales season.


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Anglais – Christmas – Cahier de vacances gratuit : 6eme Primaire 1ere Secondaire  pdf